Sunday Mornings

Starting January 14th, there will no longer be an 8 AM service.

8 AM (Gospel Reflection & Eucharist)

9 AM (Adult Education)

10:15 AM (Eucharist with Music)

What is a worship service like?

A typical worship service begins with hymns and prayers, followed by readings (called a lectionary) from the Bible (in a three year period almost all of the Bible is heard in the services.)This is followed by a short Sermon that applies the readings to our lives. Following these readings, we say together an ancient creed that is a statement of our belief in baptism. We then say prayers for the church and for the world, and we confess our sins to God. As a sign of receiving God’s forgiveness and grace, we share God’s peace with each other before celebrating the Eucharist.

The central part of the service, the Eucharist, begins with different Eucharistic Prayers that emphasize and cause us to ponder what God has done for us in sending Jesus the Christ to die on the cross and in giving us life eternal. We then eat the Eucharistic meal with thanks for the mysterious way that God both pardons us for our short-comings and gives us strength to love Him and others in our everyday lives. People desiring prayer for healing or a special concern are prayed for at this time individually.

The service concludes with another song of praise and brief prayers.