Who We Are

St. Mark’s is an Episcopal Church with an emphasis on social justice and a contemporary style of worship where all are welcome. We are a diverse faith community serving City Heights. We believe that the kingdom of God is made visible in our proclamation of the Gospel and in loving acts of serving others. We are a congregation that believes that all are gifted by God and in baptism called to share the grace and mercy of God that we have been so freely given. We are young and old gathered in worship, education and service.

Our Mission

An inclusive community of disciples building the kingdom of God through social justice, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

1. Social Justice that reflects the Kingdom of God:

A. Actively loving our neighbors as ourselvesB. Transforming our institutions to create an equitable society

C. Being an advocate with and for others for change

2. Inclusiveness:

A. Openness

B. Celebrating the gifts of each person

C. Respect for each person

D. Extending the grace given to us

3. Generosity:

A. Reflecting the abundance God has given us in our dealings with others.

4. Active Faith:

A. Empowering initiative

B. Creating new possibilities

C. Unafraid to challenge ourselves and take risks

D. Encouraging people to grow both personally and spiritually

Our Background

St. Mark’s began in 1913 in what was East San Diego, a middle class blue-collar neighborhood. Over the years, apartment houses replaced single-family dwellings, the neighborhood declined and became more ethnically diverse. Today over 105 dialects are spoken in the neighborhood which has the greatest density of of apartment buildings in the city of San Diego.
Our old church site was used by the City of San Diego to build the new Urban Village. Through community-based meetings attended by neighborhood leaders, business people, educators and government officials, our new place of service became clear. These meetings revealed the needs for adult literacy, enriched programs for children, and a place for community gatherings where many diverse cultures would be lifted up and celebrated.
The new St. Mark’s was constructed to meet these needs. We bought a building just two blocks north of our old church, and created a space which serves the articulated needs of City Heights. Our worship and performance area, which seats 140, occupies a space, which was once a Vietnamese Karaoke Coffee Shop. Moving further back, a hallway with a library on one side and a classroom on the other, connects the worship space to a social hall. A large computer center and classroom, an office and a smaller classroom now stand where there once were garages. Upstairs are three apartments, which house Telios house. St. Mark’ s has become a renewed faith community in a neighborhood of hope, offering many programs.

An Accessible Congregation is a congregation has recently made a commitment to be an accessible congregation with The National Organization on Disability.

St. Mark’s has Cathedral Chairs instead of pews that allow wheel chairs and scooters to be easily accommodated throughout the congregation. The floors are flat and the facilities are equipped with ADA compliant restrooms.

We are fortunate to have members who are part of the disabled community that enrich our common life and worship.